Ghostface Killah Hot Sauce

Man of Leisure’s Ghostface Killah Hot Sauce

    I make this with fresh Ghost (Bhut Jokia) peppers - they are easy to grow in Louisiana.   Just be patient, they start slow, then pick up the pace.  The amazing thing about these peppers is that they really do have a great, interesting, pleasant taste as well as the heat.  Yes, they are hot as hell, but they are great as long as you don’t try and get to macho about using the sauce.  On the other hand, it’s pretty entertaining to try and eat a slice of the pepper.  I’ve never had my ears hurt from eating a pepper before.

If you aren’t used to dealing with hot peppers, pay attention here: THEY WILL BURN YOU IF YOU AREN’T CAREFUL.   You can either wear gloves when handling them, or be pretty studiously careful avoiding the oily parts.   I’m telling you now, if you scratch your face or use the bathroom without washing your hands several times in hot soapy water, you will A) regret it B) feel like you’ve never really lived before that moment.    Also, when you get to the part where you cook and blend the sauce, open the windows and run a fan, because it’s pretty much like making homemade pepper spray.


  • Ghost Peppers

  • Lime/Lemon

  • Salt

  • Garlic

  • Onion

  • Vinegar


  1. Wash peppers and remove stems.   Put in a deep skillet or pan, and add enough water so that peppers are about ½ to ¾ covered.  Bring to slow boil then let simmer covered.

  2. Chop or process onion and garlic.   Throw in with peppers, or sauté quickly then throw in.

  3. When peppers are very soft and the water has mostly evaporated, put everything in blender.  If there is still a lot of water, put the peppers in, then let the water keep evaporating before pouring it in the blender.  

  4. Add a little bit of vinegar, and process the mixture.  Add juice from lime/lemon, and salt, process again.  Keep adding vinegar until the texture and taste seems right.

  5. (optional) Strain the mixture.  You can keep the more pulpy part for a spicy paste, and bottle the more liquid part, as it will pour better.  Sometimes I don’t do this step.  It can be painful.

  6. Bottle it up, and wash everything right away.  Put soapy water in the blender and run it, repeating several times.